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super sports 2024

We hosted our annual  Super Sports Competition Sat 17 Feb with 12 teams from New Ross, Chester and Chester Basin from 10 am to 7:30 pm. There was heated competition in all of the four events, Auction 45's, Darts and Shuffleboard or Pool along with laughs and great fun had by all. We would like to thank all of the persons in attendance and hope to have even more competitors for next year. A special thanks and congratulations to everyone from Jayne and Scott MacKenzie and Don Ruston!

1st place (upper left pic): Cathy Williams (L) and Anita Hume from Chester Basin.

2nd place (upper middle pic): Clifford Cox (L) and Carol Oickle.

3rd place (upper right pic): Bill Wharton (L) and Scott MacKenzie from Chester Basin.

1st place winners with the big trophy (lower pic)! 

Cathy Williams and Anita Hume sweep the field!Clifford Cox and Carol Oickle take 2nd place!Bill Wharton and Scott MacKenzie take 3rd place!Cathy Williams and Anita Hume take first place!

super sports 2023

Twelve teams gathered at the Branch on March 11th for the annual Super Sports event. After a hiatus for 2021 and 2022 folks were happy to get back to the event. Lots of fun had by all. In 2020 we tried a double elimination format and used that format for this year. The day started at 9:30 and ended just around 5pm. Pizza for lunch was ordered from Karl’s Pizza in Western Shore. Many thanks to Karl for opening early to make sure our teams filled their bellies. Thank you also to Cadence, our bartender, for helping out with the event and taking care of our teams! See you next year!

1st place (upper left pic): Bruce Elliott and Gary Graves from New Ross. They went through the whole tournament undefeated!

2nd place (upper middle pic): Rick Walker and Ron Langevin from New Ross.
After their first loss and moving down to the B bracket, they went on undefeated to the final.

3rd place (upper right pic): Bill Wharton and Scott MacKenzie from Chester Basin.
After their first loss and moving down to the B bracket they went undefeated until they met Rick Walker and Ron Langevin in the fight for the right to go to the final.

1st place winners with the big trophy (lower pic)!